Custom Acrylic Charms- Personalized, Unique Tips to Choose according To Your taste

Acrylic charms are solid made up of acrylic material that can be print out and can be cut into any shape. The custom acrylic charms allow you to create your own jewelry, keychains, stickers, decorative items and many more accessories.

Tips to choose right one

While choosing acrylic charm keep in mind the following tips

Come up with an idea

First brain-storm and then try to understand what you basically want to represent. Whether it is any kind of memory, your hobby, special thought or you can give your personality touch. Then choose the design according to it that give meaning to your thought. You can add any phrase or picture in it.

Decide the size

Choose the size of your acrylic either you want small or a large one. Acrylic charms characterize with a small cut hole of 2mm that help you to customize you own product.

Choose material

Acrylics are come in variety of material such as translucent, frosted and opaque. You can choose according to your taste. Each have its own unique look.

Finishing touch

At the end decide for the finishing touch of your custom acrylic charm. You can go for a glossy or matte touch.

Benefits of Custom Acrylic Charms

Custom acrylic charms are limited in design and are unique. They are inexpensive and gives a way to show off your personality and style.


Acrylic charms are tough and durable. They can be scratched easily but breaking them is not easy. If you take acrylic nails, they are exceptionally strong and lasts for 2-3 weeks.


Acrylic charms consider as the good choice for gift purposes as they have not any irritating odor. You can also consider holographic or epoxy embellishment as additional process to give your accessories an extra shine.


Acrylic is water-resistant so if your charms get in touch with water they will not spoil. Their beauty remains unaffected. So, you don’t need to get worry and you can use it casually.

Light in weight

Acrylic charms are light in weight. They are lighter than glass. For same thickness they weigh half than glass. Despite its weightlessness it is not brittle but higher in strength. Moreover, it is resistant against impact. So, a little stress and impact can’t break your acrylic charms.


The acrylic charms as name show are made up of acrylic and customized into number of products in which most popular are keychains and jewelry. While customizing acrylic charms keep in mind your personal style. As it is the way to show off who you are. Consider any picture and proverb related to your thought and incorporate it in your design. You can also choose any acrylic from clear to opaque and can give it matte or glossy finishing touch. Its prices are competitive. They are tough with translucent edges, light in weight but greater in strength. It is available in brighter color with unique patterns. You can customized acrylic charms in any shape, size and design.



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